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Charlotte   |   Full time

You explore the depths of technology so that you can be one of the best. You’re passionate about forward-thinking ideas and it’s your dream to build the programs and back-end technology solutions of the future. Creativity and coding aren’t mutually exclusive and you’re progressive with programming. And you can act as a liaison between clients, systems engineers and support. If this sounds right up your alley, hop into that box on the right so we can get this innovation show on the road.

What you’ll do

  • Maintain and improve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery environments so we can churn out our best without delay.
  • Learn to implement DevOps solutions. You’ll be learning a lot here, including infrastructure as code, container orchestration, Linux administration, networking, build and package management. Challenge accepted.
  • Become skilled in translating a client’s needs into real, applicable tech. Over time, you’ll be an advisor in business needs and a leader in delivering top-notch technology.
  • Get crafty with technical documentation so the team knows what’s happening and how it works.

Who you are

  • You have an information technology degree or related experience. Plus, you’ve been blazing a path in the computer systems operations field or something similar for a year or two.
  • You have a basic grasp of Linux – the foundation of your learning experience as a DevOps Engineer.
  • You have some package management knowledge, which may include Artifactory, Satellite, Spacewalk or Custom Build Solutions.
  • You have a favorite programming language, whether it’s Java, Perl, Angular, Ruby, Python or Groovy. You don’t have to know all of them – but each one gets you bonus points. Score.
  • Extra bonus points for having AZURE and Amazon Web Services skills.
  • Of course, you should have great communication and time management skills. You can work with a team and manage yourself with equal skill.
  • You aren’t afraid to make mistakes. You learn from failure – then do better than ever before.

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